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We caught 2 keepers all day.  One on Hard Jerkbait and one on Wacky Rig Senko.   Tough bite due to cold rain and temperatures.
2 / 3.85 28th Place / AOY 28th Place
Caught two fish in muddy water on Speed Worm. Caught one in 15' on Shakey Head.  Went to some clearer water and caught fish on Flukes, Wacky Rig, & Swim Jig.  5 / 10.06 / 9th Place ?AOY 9th Place

Had to double up.  Caught fish in same area. Water clearing.  Caught most fish on Rattlesnake & Flukes. 5 / 9.55 / 6th Place / AOY 12th Place - Media \ 5th Place / AOY 5th Place - JCO

40° wind out S. 30 mph+.  Started deeper and caught a descent limit on Drop Shot. Went to grass and caught two good keepers to cull off beds on Rattlesnake in grass.  5 / 9.51 / 1st Place / AOY 8th Place​
​Started in Grass, limit on Flukes & Rattlesnakes. Fish were I clearer water.  Few on beds also.  5 / 9.55 / 5th Place
​Cold front with N. winds 30 mph. Started in grass. Caught 3 keepers on Rattlesnakes. Went to deeper water and caught several fish on Shakey Head & Drop Shot.  5 / 8.72 / 4th Place / AOY 1st Place
​Started in grass on Flukes, Rattlesnakes, & Lizards. Deeper and caught on Drop Shots & Shakey Heads.  5 / 9.81 / 1st Place / AOY 1st Place
​Gates were open for potential rains. Hurt the fishing.  Caught some on a drop shot. Went to grass and caught several fish on Flukes & Rattlesnakes. Some on beds.  5 / 8.35 / 15th Place / AOY 15th Place

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​Started in grass, small limit. Went deep on Drop Shots, no luck. Went to different grass and caught a few.  5 / 7.52 / 15th Place / AOY 1st Place
​Cold Front overnight. Started deep and caught one an lost two good keepers on Crankbait. Caught some on Flukes, Rattlesnakes, & Lizards. 5 / 7.89 12th Place / AOY 6th Place
​Two keepers on Drop Shot. Went to grass, caught several on Rattlesnakes. Back deep and culled one on Drop Shot. Went shallow and culled one more and lost a 10#+ 5 / 8.07 / 14th Place / AOY 8th Place
​Caught two keepers on Topwaters.  Caught a few in grass and Lily Pads on Flukes.  5 / 8.06 / 26th Place / AOY 6th Place
​Shad spawn started in grass. Caught on Flukes, Grubs, Went deep and caught them on Shakey Heads, & Drop Shots.  Shallow & Deep. 
5 / 9.63 / 2nd Place / AOY 1st Place
Started where we finished. Several small keepers & slots. Few on beds. Caught on Flukes & Rattlesnakes. 5 / 8.49 / 5th Place / AOY 3rd Place
​Caught most of our keepers on Flukes. Caught a few to cull on Drop Shots & Shakey Heads. Went back to grass and caught some, no culls.
5 / 8.46 / 8th Place 
​Started deep and caught a small limit on Drop Shot. Went to the grass and culled all but one fish on Flukes  5 / 8.72 / 6th Place / AOY 3rd Place
​Started deep and got two good Unders on Drop Shot. Went back to grass, light rain. Caught fish on flukes. Lot of big slots moved in due to Gizzard Shad moving  5 / 7.89 / 4th Place 
​Started deep, no bites.  Went shallow grass where we were last month.  Caught several good Unders on Flukes. Broke two off on experimenting with 20# Braid. Lost 2 good ones.  5 / 9.22 / 6th Place / AOY 3rd Place 
​Started deep and caught 3 on Drop Shot.  One we didn't cull. Found some new fish in grass. Caught several fish on flukes.  Lot of 16 1/8" slots. Missed 20+, bit the tail off.   5 / 9.76 / 2nd Place / AOY 4th Place
Started deep, no bites. Went shallow and caught fish on Frogs & Flukes over grass. Heave rain. Missed big fish on Frog.  5 / 9.44 / 1st Place
Started shallow and got a little rain.  Missed two good keepers early on a Frog and caught one 18".  Moved to next spot and caught our limit on Flukes and Frogs over grass.  5 / 9.49 / 1st Place
Started deep and caught 4 keepers and 1 slot on Grubs, Shakey Heads, & Drop Shots, two were okay, culled them later.  Went to the grass and caught several good keepers on Flukes. 5 / 9.93 / 1st Place
​Lake dropped another 3".  We were able to get into our spot, but fish had vacated from the drop.  Most came on Flukes 5 / 5.98
Lake came up from the rains.  Our area turned muddy and no fish.  We found schooling fish during the Sealy tournament.  Caught them on Lipless Crankbaits in 30' of water.  5 / 8.70 / 6th Place  AOY 6th Place
We started out deep on fish we had found on points.  Caught all of our fish on Shakey Head & Drip Shot.  Bite was slow.  Caught only 10 fish all day.  5 / 9.33 / 1st Place / 1st Place AOY
Started shallow & got a small limit. Rain & cold fronts has dropped water temps 20° in a week. Had one descent fish shallow.  Went deep and found fish on a point and upgraded.  5 / 60.3 / 13th Place AOY 5th Place
​We started deep and stayed there on a point. All fish were caught on Shakey Head & Drop Shot. Bite was slow. Being patient was key & trust the spot. 7 Keepers & 6 Slots.  5 / 9.57 / 1st Place / 1st Place AOY